who is girl Ozn ?



your mom.


Okay but seriously..who is she? girl Ozn? 

Well first off it's pronounced like Ocean. A double ode to my favorite artist Frank (you might know him, who also knows Danny Ocean?). And a shoutout to my roots. 

I am of Tongan heritage, although raised in Alaska, the love for my culture couldn't have been more of an influence in my work (shoutout to my Grandma).

But, I would like to think of myself of a lover of all things beautiful. Yes I paint, I draw, I write, I read, but I also watch. People, cinema, documentaries, sunsets. My very living and essence of life is my surroundings + interests.. and I hope that through this website-- this, what is this.. blog? I can share at least what goes on in my mind & of course what it creates. 



Kiyana F. (girl Ozn)